Deadly Diaries by Steve Backshall

My admiration of Steve Backshall is no secret.

I do believe that he is Michelangelo’s David crossed with Timothy Claypole. He has the body of Action Man, he’s a superhero without a secret identity and I’d like to hope that he’s a rather nice man. I like him, my children like him, my husband is probably a little bit in love with him.

Steve Backshall is best known (amongst the mum-circles) for the BBC’s amazing ‘Deadly’ series, I like that he is referred to as a ‘thinking mum’s pin-up’.

Thus, it is of little surprise that myself and Littlest were very excited by his first ever ‘Deadly Diaries’. In this glossy book (full of photographs), Steve Backshall shares his own experiences and behind the scenes thoughts on filming the world’s most deadly species. There is so much within this read that is both educational and intriguing, I’m sure it’s a book that Littlest (age 9) will revisit again, and again.

‘Deadly Diaries’ takes the reader through sixty species, six continents and six months on the road. Experiences are shared, locations are described, as well as the successes, the disappointments and the risks all being revealed. The young reader becomes one of the Deadly team.

With over 175 glorious colour photographs from series 3, alongside extracts from Steve’s personal diaries, ‘Deadly Diaries’ is a MUST HAVE read for any fans of Steve Backshall.

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