Disney Blu-ray: Up and Dumbo

After my blog post about ‘Up’ last October (aptly entitled: About Watching a Film and Sobbing like a Loon), I did wonder if the (lovely) Katie who sent me a copy of the ‘Up’ Blu-ray Combi pack was playing a cruel cruel joke. I mean that film, that ‘Up’ is DEVASTATING!

But of course the children don’t see it like I do, not with those adult eyes of mine. They don’t see the film through my ‘gonna do’ eyes and they don’t realise just how much a Disney film can make my insides go squiggly. So yes, we watched ‘Up’ again. And yes, again the children LOVED it and yes, again I am left thinking about my ‘gonna do’ world and wondering what I need to change before it’s too late, before it’s impossible, before I DIE (said in a dramatic voice).

The film storyline can be found on my other post, but I would say that what makes Blu-ray so perfect is the bonus features on the disc. There’s an animated ‘making-of’ that’s exclusive to Blu-ray, an all-new Short called ‘The Misadventures Of Dug’ (which had Littlest laughing out loud, because Dug is her favourite), there’s Director Commentary which I loved because it took me out of the magic and into thinking about the visual and the story, there’s ‘Adventure Is Out There’ which is a fascinating documentary chronicling the filmmakers’ journey to South America, there is the funny ‘The Many Endings Of Muntz’ which shows the demise of Charles Muntz (with an unseen alternative take) and much much more (including a geography game which the kiddies liked). And all this because Blu-ray has so much extra space (some say technology, I say magic!).

You can buy the ‘Up’ Combi Pack (Blu-ray + DVD) HERE (and don’t say I didn’t warn you).

And then there’s ‘Dumbo’, which was also sent to us in the Special Edition Blu-ray Combi pack. I don’t know how, but I’d never seen ‘Dumbo’.

So I watched the film and, yet again, I am asking you my dear friends, why hadn’t anyone ever told me how cruel everyone is to Dumbo and his mummy? Oh my goodness, those other elephants are EVIL. I mean I’m emotionally drained, again.

I love that ‘Dumbo’ is so wonky and that the characters are so well defined. It’s a cruel and sad film. But Disney is spot on. I mean it’s social realism from decades ago, but still relevant today. Poor Dumbo is ostracised from the circus pack because of his big ears and when his mother tries to stick up for him, well they only go and lock her up and say she’s mad… oh, it’s all just too moving. Poor Dumbo, oh the loneliness, oh the despair, oh the need and desire to fit in. I mean they’re all nasty to Dumbo BUT then just because he has a talent and is famous, then they all love him. Doesn’t Dumbo realise that they’re all superficial meanies?

Seriously, Disney is a lot fabulous. I can’t help but wonder if Disney stories are told by people who have suffered in childhood. I would have loved Dumbo to be my friend (and yes, I know he’s a made-up elephant).

I haven’t seen the standard DVD, but the Blu-ray features are stunning. The sound and the picture quality in high definition is amazing and the additional features of Blu-ray, such as the deleted scenes and song and the backstage Disney (‘Taking Flight: The Making of Dumbo’ and ‘Magic of Dumbo: Ride of Passage’) are seriously engaging and simply lovely to watch. Littlest loved the bonus Shorts and the game, ‘What Do You See?’ She cried during the film, because Dumbo and his mummy couldn’t be together (sob) and we had to get G to reassure us of a happily ever after.

Disney Blu-ray is an experience and, I’ve said this a zillion times before, but for anyone building their Disney collection then Blu-ray is the way forward.

You can buy Dumbo Special Edition Combi Pack (Blu-ray + DVD) HERE.

And, a special thank you to my fabulous twitter friends, who have told to avoid watching ‘Bambi and ‘The Fox and the Hound’…

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  • Posted April 9, 2010 at 9:11 pm | Permalink

    Oh goodness I just saw about this on @gemmanoon’s twitter info…

    Dumbo makes me cry because I had ENORMOUS ears as a child and was bullied mercilessly for them…I feel Dumbo’s pain. I also was called Dumbo, Kelly the Elephant (quite witty looking back) and FA Cup…aren’t kids cruel. But thanks to wonders of surgery i still have enormous ears but they are firmly pinned to my head…

    I do love Dumbo though and Disney is and always will be fantastic. My personal favourite is Beauty and the Beast which makes me cry too…


  • Posted April 10, 2010 at 5:35 am | Permalink

    I’m gonna go on the dumbo ride at Disney Orlando on Monday JUST FOR YOU Caroline!!!! I’ll say hi to him for you xx

  • Posted April 11, 2010 at 8:34 am | Permalink

    We finally watched Up recently and adored it! LOVED Dug. :) Haven’t seen Dumbo for years, but it was great, if sad. Bambi and The Fox and the Hound are sad, but but but…so WONDERFUL. You will cry, but you’re missing out on Thumper(!) and the friendship between Tod and Copper! *sigh* More beautiful Disney work. :) (But you will definitely cry.)

  • Posted April 12, 2010 at 8:55 am | Permalink

    Kelly – school years are PANTS! And you’re gorgeous! I love Beauty and the Beast, especially as Belle is one of the few dark haired/eyes princesses, but Toy Story is my fav.

    Vi – I am SO jealous. Have fun and give Dumbo a big kiss from me. So impressed that you’re reading my blog on Disney when in Disney. Hooray!

    Angie – I think I’m too terrified to watch Bambi and The Fox and the Hound. And I’m still annoyed about those elephants in Dumbo… grrr…. poor Dumbo :(


  • Posted July 20, 2010 at 8:18 am | Permalink

    I felt the same way after seeing “UP.” There is nothing quite like crying in front of your 6 year old, and then explaining to her the pain of loss. The film to me was so beautifully done on not only a theatrical level, but on an emotional one as well. Certainly worth the repeat watch. As for “Dumbo,” that movie never gets old. It has been a favorite of mine since I was very small, and now as a mom, it is still a tried and true classic. The only thing I raise a bit of a brow at is the blatant use of alcohol. True, the pink elephants are cute, and the song catchy, but trying to explain to my daughter- the 6 year old, why Dumbo is even seeing the parade of odd colored creatures… well, it was bizarre to say the very least. Times have changed, I suppose. But “Dumbo” is in our library and there to stay.

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