G-Force, Santa Buddies and Tinker Bell

G-ForceContinuing on from my Blu-ray love-fest and collection building, Think Parents very kindly sent us 3 new Disney Blu-ray Combi Packs to look at. (Seriously, we are utterly lucky!)

First up ‘G-Force’ Combi Pack (this means that there’s a Blu-ray disc and a DVD in the pack, so it’s ideal for building a Blu-ray collection alongside DVDs).

A film about guinea pigs! (only in the world of Disney could it be quite so believable). ‘G-Force’ is honest, family fun, all about an elite team of highly trained guinea pigs on their mission to prevent an evil billionaire from taking over the world (via household appliances!). Middlest and Litttlest were itching to see this film and loved it lots (and no we won’t be getting a guinea pig, no matter how many times Littlest asks (and asks again)). ‘G-Force’ is funny, cute and the special effects are impressive on Blu-ray (we’re talking theatre-quality picture and sound). The Disney Blu-ray disc contains extras, such as the deleted scenes, bloopers, inside the animation lab and music videos. This (simply) is a must-see for any child.

Santa BuddiesNext the ‘Santa Buddies’ Combi Pack (again, a DVD and Blu-ray disc inside).

Littlest LOVES the Buddies DVDs so much and this was top of her Christmas list. ‘Santa Buddies’ is the latest instalment of Disney’s much-loved Buddies franchise. Those puppy rascals B-Dawg, RoseBud, Buddha, MudBud, and Budderball are off to the North Pole to the magical world of Santa’s Workshop.  The spirit of Christmas is ebbing away, with all of us lot no longer believing and remembering the true meaning of Christmas (‘it’s not about what you get’ is the message that these lovely pups give). It’s left up to the pups and their new friend, Puppy Paws, to save Christmas. ‘Santa Buddies’ is a slice of festive family fun, with extremely cute dogs (some of them sing) and is ideal Christmas viewing. As always, and probably me repeating myself a little bit too much, but the colours, sound and high definition are outstanding on the Blu-ray disc (seeing is believing!)

Tinker BellAnd finally, ‘Tinker Bell and The Lost Treasure’ Combi Pack. We went to see an exclusive screening of this a couple of months ago and Littlest absolutely loved it.

This really is a magical film and Tink is such a loveable character (with faults, hooray!). In ‘The Lost Treasure’ Tinker Bell has to band together with her fairy friends to create the famous Fall Sceptre – a magical and important task, that will restore the world’s supply of fairy dust and set things right for another year in the fairies’ Never Land home, Pixie Hollow. Of course, Tink’s stubborn ways guide her into trouble and this wonderful film is all about friendship. The Blu-ray disc has an abundance of additional features (a Magical Guide to Pixie Hollow, deleted scenes, the goofs that never made the film) and all in high definition with shimmering colours and sounds. A must-have for any Disney fairy fan.

(And a huge thank you to Katie at Think Parents who is a very lovely Christmas Elf)

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  • scott
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    My oldest daughter (5) loves the “Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure” as well as a huge “Buddies” fan.

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