Something for the Weeked: Shirley Hughes and Caroline Lawrence

Alfie and his best friend Bernard have a day out full of surprises when they go to meet a very great person indeed.

What’s more there are secret dens to explore, snowy skies, birthday fun and a very unexpected visitor on a special night-time trip!

Join our little hero and his friends and family in a celebration of all things Alfie…

This month, Random House Children’s Books celebrates 30 years of Alfie, the wonderful and much-loved character from the iconic hand of Shirley Hughes, with the release of a brand new (very stunning) hardback: All About Alfie

The first Alfie book, Alfie Gets in First was published by The Bodley Head in 1981.  I can remember it. I can remember Alfie books in school when I was little. Alfie was an instant success back then; children and parents alike fell in love with the charming humour and drama of his everyday life. The Alfie books have gone on to sell over 2 million copies in the UK alone. My children have read each and every single thing that Shirley Hughes has created.

You can buy the stunning, All About Alfie HERE.


When desperados kill a preacher and his wife in a small frontier town, their foster child P.K. is forced to go on the run. P.K. must get a valuable letter to the Recorder’s Office before anyone else can get their hands on it.

It’s not easy: Virginia City in 1862 is a glorified mining camp on a barren mountain above a great vein of silver. Seething with miners below ground and hustlers above, it’s a dangerous place, full of gamblers, hurdy girls, saloon-keepers and gunmen, all of them on the make.

When twelve year-old P.K. Pinkerton arrives there, homeless, penniless and hunted, things don’t look good. But armed with a Smith & Wesson seven-shooter and a knack for disguises, P.K. takes on the tricksters and desperados who are out to get him and he finds possible allies: Sam Clemens, the new reporter for the paper, a gambler called ‘Poker Face Jace’ who knows how to tell if someone is bluffing, a derringer-packing Soiled Dove, and a Chinese photographer’s apprentice called Ping.

This fast-paced and utterly engaging mystery adventure manages to balance amusing and touching with ease. The attention to detail offered is superb, taking the reader on an authentic journey back in time to the (whip-cracking) Wild West.

Short, sharp chapters, excellent characterisation and a serving of heart thrown in for good measure. Yee-hah and so much more, I’m saying this is a one for 9+ readers. You can buy The Case of the Deadly Desperados: Western Mysteries 1 (The Western Mysteries) HERE

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    I remember my kids and I loving the Alfie books. I can’t believe they’re that old!

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