Will you help me give away the ending of my novel?

As some of you know 19 March 2012 (next Monday) is the publication day of ’99 Reasons Why’, my novel with eleven endings.

There seems to be some confusion about how it all works, but really it’s quite simple. Everyone will have the same core story until they reach Reason 88, then the decision on which ending to pick will be made by the reader. There are two editions:

  • The Kindle edition will present the reader with three questions at Reason 88. These questions are entirely arbitrary, working much like a playground paper fortune-teller, to lead the reader to one of nine possible endings.
  • The iPad/iPod edition will present the reader with a spinning wheel at Reason 88. The reader will spin the wheel and be offered one of nine possible endings.

But what of the TWO other endings, I hear you ask?

There will be a tenth ending that only ONE reader will see. This one will be handwritten and auctioned to raise money for charity. And an eleventh ending will be made freely available across the Internet (and this is where you could help).

Will you HELP me give away one of the endings?

I’m looking for KIND and DELICIOUS bloggers who will be happy to give away an ending to ’99 Reasons Why’ on their blog. So…

  • You’ll be hosting the ending that isn’t in the Kindle/iPad/iPod editions and will ONLY be available online.
  • You’ll be helping me give away the ending, before the book has been read.
  • You’ll be hosting an ending that has some STRONG language included within it (I understand that this may possibly be a ‘reason why’ some cannot get involved).
  • You’ll be loved, by me, FOREVERĀ ( again, I understand that this may possibly be a ‘reason why’ some cannot get involved).

The publication of ’99 Reasons Why’ is going to lead to some people shouting out and having opinions (I’ve seen some already), so I’d genuinely love and appreciate any support you can give me. The writing of the novel was such fun, I’d quite like the launch to be too.

If this is of interest to you, then PLEASE contact the fabulous Sophie at LightBrigade PR: and she’ll provide everything you need for the blog post.

More on the auction, soon.


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